How to sync OpenVPN LuCI with CLI

Hello everyone!

first post here. R7800 freshly installed today. I'm absolutely amazed by this project. I've had a hectic day today so far: turned my telco router into a bridge and added an R7800 with 19.07 on it. Created guest WLAN and even set up OpenVPN. I'm a happy camper now!!

I have a doubt though. The UI is no more in sync with what I have configured through the CLI, namely I see this, which would normally be interpreted as a non running OpenVPN

but I do have it up and running, because I installed it using a tutorial based in CLI

Is this expected? Am I missing something?

thank you!


@vgaetera wow, that was like laser focus!! thanks!!

in general should I expect for the GUI to be in sync with what I do over the CLI?

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That's it.


There is no separate GUI config stored anywhere. GUI simply reads/writes the normal common config.

But GUI is not complete. There are lots of options / features in apps that are only supported in CLI.


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