How to support mpls with OpenWrt

guys i really need help, for my final task i need to make mpls can run on openwrt system but i need more reference to do it
if you ever try this please help me to solve this problem, what i have to do first? am i need to upgrade my openwrt kernel first or anything else?
if i need to upgrade the kernel first how to upgrade it? Thank you guys

Hello and welcome here,

what the heck is mpls?

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS). There is kmod-mpls, so there could be support for it.

UPDATE: Instead of doing a routing table lookup at each hop, a path can be setup using labels: if a packet with this label enters on this interface, send it to that interface. At the path termination points: if you get a packet with a label X swap to for label Y and send it to interface Z. Or add a label XX and send it there. And so on.

add all the kernel specific dependencies and add this package it's more up to date than quagga also

is it work even i don't add the kmod-mpls?
how to add the kmod-mpls to my OpenWrt system?

opkg update
opkg install kmod-mpls

what should i do after add the kmod-mpls ?

read that link and google about it