How to support mouse in OpenWrt?

I have the old pc (pc1) installed openwrt ,and insert a pci ethernet card, connect another pc (pc2) with cable.
If i login pc1 from pc2 with ssh , it is simple to copy and paste with mouse left and right key.When i enter console in pc1 directly, openwrt can't copy and paste with mouse.
How to support mouse in openwrt?

logging in, using what ?

if it's Putty, then it's a Putty feature.

OpenWrt is meant for embedded devices, almost all of them don't have any screen, keyboard or mouse. You can act remotely on the device using a command line shell. So there is no need for mouse support.
If you use a windowed program for command line (such as Putty), you can use a mouse inside, but this is not a regular feature of a command line interpreter.

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there used to be an application for doing it, on the console, called gpm.

not sure if it's still around, but it sure isn't packaged for openwrt :wink:

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To use openssh.

Well, back in the 80s ... we didn't even use a mouse :wink:
I've just documented myself about gpm. I must confess that I didn't know about this.

It came with one of the early RedHat versions, or perhaps Fedora. but I'm pretty sure it was RH.

It's still around -

I started to handle computers before the GUI era, so when the command line was the only way to act. I still have trouble to consider a windowed command line shell as a "real" shell. And so enhanced features like copy/paste are unnatural for me in a shell. OK I sound like a dinosaur ... :smiley:

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htop is pretty funky... I believe it responds to (remote) mouse input? no idea how this works... ( remote console app sends X + Y? )

search for mouse tracking escape sequences

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