How to submit a new wiki page?

Hi everyone! I've ran into an excellent piece of content that can make a wiki entry coming from guru @starcms on how to configure luci certificates to avoid the "this is an insecure site" problem that many new users complain about.

Which is the process to submit such documentation into the lede-project site for it to be reviewed and eventually added to the available documentation?


Create the new page at, then discuss here in the forum. After discussion and refinement (if necessary), the page can be moved to its desired name / location.

I've done that @tmomas! @starcms will need to check the formatting-into-a-wiki work I did, and we can go from there.

The new page is this one:

@mariano.silva, there is only one glaring error.

The section about LuCi, go to System –> Backup/Flash Firmware, Click Configuration tab.

The only things that should be added to that are:


This is because the backup automatically backups up /etc/config/uhttpd where the changes you made in

Services –> uHTTPd are saved.

Secondly, I'd recommend changing the title to

"Sick of those SSL/https warnings every time you visit the LuCi-SSL web interface?"

and add a note at the beginning saying something to the effect of, "Do you enjoy the security that comes with using LuCi-SSL or Luci-SSL-OpenSSL, but are sick of the bogus security warnings everytime you access LuCi?"

@starcms , I agree with the proposed title change, I just left it that way to start with something funny :slight_smile: But we need to came up with something that will be an easy match for people trying to find how to get rid of the error message... as I don't have the specific error message handy anymore as I've did what you said with the certificates, I can't tell ... do you happen to have the exact message that Chrome displays handy?

I'm doing that other change you proposed now.

@tmomas , how do we move this thread to the documentation forum or somewhere else where it can have more visibility to get a double check by some of the gurus here at the forum?

I'm already doing the changes! Don't overwrite me! :slight_smile:

I can't the wiki server is telling me that the document is locked for editing by "another user" ... I knew it was you :wink:

Ok, did some minor changes. Let me know what you think, and feel free to change or correct any formatting or anything. You did a great job, it looks great!

I just went in and did 2 minor Wiki-styling on the 2 missing bullets , that's it. From my perspective it's perfect, and very useful for people starting with LEDE.

Great collaborative work! I'm liking this opensource thing :wink:

Done, moved to Talk about Documentation

Where are we going to move the page to?

I think /docs/howto/ would fit, since there is currently no special LuCI page where this could relate to.

I like the pagename better than the page title.

My proposal would be:

@tmomas, I like the change you proposed, please go ahead and make the change "entry url" (I changed the title already) if you would, please. What's next to get this to publish?

I moved the page to

Thanks, so it's out there now :slight_smile:

I created a page for p910nd print server:

Could you please move the page to the right section?

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