How to stop auto-removal of package source?

I've been working on some custom packages, testing out some changes. What is the easiest way to stop the build system from wiping the source for every package after it's built? Is there a flag for its package makefile?

You do not run make clean.

You should make the "permanent" changes properly, as patches placed in the package directories, instead of doing temporary modification to the build-time sources in build_dir

See one small example in

Some packages have their source auto-deleted as soon as make package/name/compile completes, no make clean required. For example, minidlna.

Yes, if there was anything intended to keep I'd make a patch, but sometimes one wants to test something out.

  • make menuconfig
  • [*] Advanced configuration options (for developers) --->
  • [ ] Automatic removal of build directories
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