How to start hd-idle at boot/reboot?

Hello everyone,

I installed the hd-idle package but it does not seem to spin down my discs when I set it to spin down all disks after 10 min.

So I would like to simply run the command

hd-idle -i 600

at every boot/reboot.
Normally this could be achieved via cron by using

@reboot hd-idle -i 600

but this does not work.

Can someone tell me how I can have the simple hd-idle command be run at every boot/reboot?

Thank you :slight_smile:

the lazy thing ti do is setup luci-app-hd-idle
& use the menu in luci
oh some usb to ide adapters don't work btw

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There is /etc/rc.local for running scripts on boot, but the luci-app-hd-idle sounds better.

The luci-app-hd-idle does not seem to work. Discs are not spinning down.
If call hd-idle manually and let it run, it works flawlessly. So I just need to make sure it is started whenever the system is started.
Normally you could use the LuCI built in Scheduler, but that does not seem to understand "@reboot".