How to simply cross compile my main.c?

Hello everybody, I downloaded the toolchain for bcm2710 (Raspberry Pi 3 B+). Inside this archive, I've different folders, but I can't understand where to do the compilation command. This is the structure of the folder:
which is the command to cross-compile my main.c?

Tried the README ?

Ask Broadcom, or the RPi Foundation.

If you downloaded the official OpenWrt toolchain (I'm not sure which one you are referring to), then some more information can be found on the Wiki:

However, it's usually better to use the SDK and create a package for your application.

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To cross compile, see:

I usually just set path and staging directories as noted in the Wiki. Then I browse to the folder containing the *.c file and run the appropriate compiler (C, C++, etc.). The a.out file will be in the folder once completed.

Download/use the SDK.