How to show WAN on switch?

Tplink wr940n
no wan interface

google image
has wan

how to enable wan on switch?

Is it like this after reset to defaults or did you make any changes in the configuration?

Based on the device output on the device page the CPU has at two ethernet interfaces and it seems only one is connected to the built-in switch. I would guess the other ethernet interface bypasses the switch and is directly connected to the WAN port, which is why it doesn't show up on the switch.


i tried to reset factory same no wan on switch.

so i cant do vlan on the wan port?

You can have vlans on the WAN as sub-interfaces. You can specify a subinterface by using the dot notation when creating an interface in Luci. (e.g. "eth0.10" for vlan 10.)

Keep in mind this will not automatically connect it to the vlan 10 on the switch. For that you need to add the "WAN vlan 10" to a new or existing bridge (software switch) that has the other vlan 10 as a member.