How to setup travelmate rigth

i have a frtizbox 4020 wit openwrt on it 18.....
and i need to verification me on the internet. I get the note that travelmate will help nut can not set it up right.

i try to follow

but stuck on edit /etc/config/network: or /etc/config/firewall
and my status is a differrent.
please for help

Just curious, did you really use the as a travel router!? :wink:
If not, you most probably do not need travelmate - to reach a captive portal page just disable the 'Rebind Protection' (in LuCI under 'DHCP and DNS' tab) or add the needed domain to the domain whitelist, e.g.

Hey thanks for answer.

Yes, it is a studie house/ flat everbody need to register via Personal Data.
and the Router is verysmall, one hand.

I have done it but only worket wen i put it in Lan1.. with wan does not worked out.
Now i can not connection with the router because it change the IP adress like the big network.
the connection problem with the router i can work out....

I want to use openVPN on it and a Pihole DNS server as a filter and yes own netwerk adress.

Travelmate is only necessary / useful when you are going to use a wireless connection as the Internet service, such as at a hotel, or the neighbors' (with permission of course), or from a main router somewhere else in your house.

If you can provide Internet to the router via an Ethernet cable, you do not need Travelmate.

Okay , thanks.

yes, want to use WIFI as well.
I use Wifi for Leptop and Phone but the rasberry is with cable connected.

thank for your help geys

but yes how to set it up

I install everthing new and it works now.... maybe i forgot to finish the setup for VPN at first time... hihi

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