How to setup proxy (socks4, socks5, http) on openwrt?

I am using MI 4A Giga router with OpenWRT firmware! I want to use proxy client (socks4, socks5, HTTP etc.). How can set up my proxy on the OpenWRT? Thanks in advance!

proxy for who ? the router, or the clients ?

I have an HTTP proxy which is, I want to set up the proxy on my router as a client.

there's a http_proxy environ variable, you can set.

Thanks for the reply! Actually, I am very new to OpenWrt firmware. can you tell me where is the HTTP proxy environ variable?

What are you trying to do ?

Which package is the best and has all the options together for proxy like HTTP, HTTPS, Socks4, Socks5 as a proxy clients?

What are you trying to do/achieve ?

I want to use the proxies on my router then I will get BDIX speed!

We can use the proxy on windows by Proxifier but I want to use on my router as well.

Is the proxy only supposed to work for the router, or for it's clients, too ?
Basically the same question you failed to answer 8 hrs ago ...

I will use the proxy from the proxydb website so, when I will set up the proxy as a client on the router then I can access the proxy internet on my phone, laptop etc. I don't want to make the proxy/proxy server, I just want to use the proxy server:port from the proxydb. I think you got it now?

nope, still not an answer.

you can configure the router to use a proxy, this link have been provided.

but you could also set it up so all devices behind it use it, making any kind of
proxy configuration on the client(s) unnecessary, they simply won't know they're
being proxied.

This look exactly of what was the question perhaps. So how can we do the setup ? :

Haproxy would be a good candidate.

indeed, look usefull for a reverse thing server just like nginx. But is there a way to setup proxy client ?