How to setup OpenWrt as router device


I need some help,
after reading this Router vs Switch vs Gateway and why NAT influences this decision
I decided to setup my Archer C7 as a router device as by this OpenWrt as router device

I connected the modem/router LAN port to routers WAN port but there was no internet access.
I tried also to connect LAN to LAN ports but still the same, no internet access.

What I understood from the pages above, to set it up I set the modem/router to bridge mode, and the router LAN interface gave it a static address. Connected both via LAN/LAN and then LAN/WAN.

What is wrong; Thank you in advance for your time forum.

The devices are
TP-LINK TD-W8960N modem/router
TP-LINK AC1750 Archer C7 router

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I managed finally to make it happen.
It was not an easy task though and WAN must be set to PPPoE and insert the credentials.

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