How to setup OpenWrt as a WiFi bridge and then use it as a WiFi Access point to connect wireless devices?

I used this video to make a WiFi bridge and I did it:

In this video you can make a WiFi client and bridge it to LAN ports.

Now I want to share internet (which is now accessible by LAN ports) to other devices by WiFi. On the other words, I also want this Modem (which is a WiFi bridge now) to act as an Access point too.

Could you please help me how can I do this?

(This is the default OpenWrt config, did you keep a copy before altering?)

Just setup another SSID and select lan as the the network. Simple.

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There is a guide about that exact scenario:


did you managed to do it ? i want to know too, i have tp-link router which has better wireless connectivity but lack of cpu and memory, and have another device which has better cpu and memory but lack wireless connectivity, i want the tp-link STA wireless to be used as wan of the other device while tp-link AP wireless as the LAN from the other device. in short, tp-link is used as "wireless sta(wan) and ap(lan)" of other device

If both devices are running OpenWrt, you can possibly run WDS or even mesh (802.11s). Otherwise, follow the guide linked above from @eduperez -- relayd is the solution if your other device isn't OpenWrt.

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something like this, i want TP-LINK wireless AP to serve connections from SBC rather than TENDA, while SBC get internet connections from TENDA through TP-LINK wireless STA, currently i'm able to do this by disable dhcp on TP-LINK and create macvlan on SBC based on br-lan to be used as WAN device with static ip from TP-LINK subnet

i just want the wireless of TP-LINK and everything else from SBC

So, the traffic goes from LAN to TP-Link, then to SBC and back to TP-Link, then to Tenda, and finally to internet?

yes, since TP-LINK is good on wireless but can't handle heavy process like docker, adblocking, IP bans, etc.

i want to know if there's a way to make TP-LINK only act as wireless of the SBC, nothing more.
just like how dumbAP works which basically act as nothing than extending the range.

Yes, I think this can be done. The major roadblock is going to be the Tenda router, however: I guess you cannot create a WDS connection from the TP-Link router, can you? Also, does it allow to disable the DNS and DHCP services?