How to setup IPV6 in Client mode?

I'm new to openwrt & have a router (WNDR3700v2) that I'd like to use as a wireless bridge, to connect a couple of wired devices to wifi and the internet.

I've installed the latest openwrt (21.02.3). On a fresh install I can scan and join the wireless network; and it automatically sets up in Client mode and works perfectly as a wireless bridge but there is no IPV6.

I've seen some guides and videos but they are all on older versions and I just can't seem to get it to work. I've tried setting up LAN6 or WWAN6 under Interfaces and adjusting firewall on them... but it either doesn't add IPV6 or breaks the internet altogether.
Am I overlooking something simple?

If the device is used as a bridge, then it is not supposed to redistribute any IPv6 addresses, same as IPv4.
The only reason to add IPv6 would be for management purposes and that would be something that the uplink router would allocate anyway.

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The main router has IPV6 in Native, Stateless mode and provides IPV6/IPV4 to all clients on the network. Except the openwrt router in bridge mode is IPV4 only. So if openwrt doesn't provide IPV6, then it should allow the main router to handle the addresses, right? How do I do that?

I assume with "wireless bridge" you mean the relayd solution. In this case you do need to setup DHCPv6/RA/NDP relaying.

First head to the upstream interface (commonly "WWAN") and open it's DHCP server settings tab. Ensure that DHCPv4 is ignored and DHCPv6 set as designated master with all services set to relay:

Second, head to the downstream interface (commonly "LAN") DHCP server settings and ensure that the services are set to relay there as well and that designated master is unchecked:

It seems to me more like a dumbAP.