How to setup bridge on OpenWrt Nanostation M2

I have Nanostation M2 and installed openwrt-19.07.3-ath79-generic-ubnt_nanostation-m-squashfs-factory.bin.
I want to join Nanostation M2 via WIFI to my home router Asus RT-AC1200 So I will have only one Nanostation device and router as AP. I need some instruction how to setup this device.

Bridging a client wireless is not possible with chipsets other than broadcom. It would be best if the Asus supports WDS and can cooperate with OpenWrt.
Otherwise relayd is another option.

So only orginal ubiquiti firmware is able to bridge ? How can I safely recover to stock firmware in that case ?

There is a procedure described in the device page.

Where is serial jumper, labeled J1. ?

Scroll a bit down the page, there are photos.

Please check my settings and correct me if anything is wrong...

I am not sure how to set it up via putty

Ground goes to Ground, TXD goes to SIN, and RXD goes to SOUT.

so how it should be ?
in my case:
1 2(black)
3 4(white)
5 6
7 8(red)
9 10

and correct is ..?

It looks to me that only the black cable is plugged in correctly.

so what is the correct settings ?

As I mentioned earlier:

so where is TXD and RXD ?which pin?

The pins have labels. If you cannot read, I cannot help you...

I do not see any TX and RX there...
NC 5 6 ?
NC 7 8 SIN
PWR 9 10 PWR

TXD and RXD are on the USBtoTTL adapter...

how it should be connected now to Nanostation ?

RXD and GND diodes are ON but TXD is OFF

"Connect the POE side of the POE adapter into the Bullet M2 (or any other AirMax device)."
And I do not have Bullet M2 I only have another Nanostation M2. Is it fixable in that case ?

The Bullet must have been a typo. Just power it on with the PoE adapter.

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