How to Setting DHCP Client

i have a TP-Link TL-WA801ND, only have one ethernet
how to setup dhcp client on the ethernet?

Since this is a wireless access point device, you will only be able to use it as this, unless you set up some sort of vlan... That is out of my scope of competence.

If by turning on dhcp client you mean using it as an access point with dhcp client, then follow this wiki:

To turn on dhcp client on lan:

config interface lan
        option proto    'dhcp'

I hope I understood your question correctly. It might be helpfull to mention your hardware version on your first post by editing it.

I understand that your device is among the 32/4 devices limited on flash space so you will most likely be doing all this in CLI and not Luci.

Usually using a static IP on lan is better than dhcp client, but your use-case might vary. It is prone to problems like not beeing delivered an IP by the dhcp server.

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it's Work!!
Thanks dude :pray::pray::smiley:...
I did not focus on /etc/config/network configuration before...

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