How to set VLAN for my AP?

Hello, I have 2 TP-Link WR843ND that i use as dumb AP using latest LEDE installation, recently I upgrade my router to mikrotik RB450G. I connected the device just using the WAN port of WR843ND and its powered by POE. It was working with just simple network ( no VLAN). Now I want to seperate the private and guest network. I successfully set up 2 VLAN, 1 for private is vlan id 2 and the other one for guest accessing my wifi thru vlan 15.

I have properly set up a trunk port containing vlan 2 and 15 on eth 4 in RB450G. but I haven't got a clue how to set up vlan on LEDE. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

  • Create an SSID
  • Created a bridged interface with the new VLAN
  • Add SSID to this Interface
  • If you have the trunk port setup already, you're done!

At least temporarily, have a wifi AP on the LAN bridge and log in to the router via wifi. This will ensure you don't lose access if the Ethernet is misconfigured.

Create two VLANs in the switch and make them tagged to both the CPU and the Ethernet port you're going to use for the trunk cable.

Use eth0.1 for the LAN and eth0.2 for the guests. Do not attach anything to eth0 plain.

Create a new bridge interface for guests. This can be unmanaged (protocol: None) since it is just a bridge from wired to wifi. The router OS does not need to send or receive any IP traffic on this network.

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Currently it's connected in WAN port and it reflected as LAN4 port. Do i still interpret this as eth0 or eth 4?

Also, is it necessary to set up the zone (or firewall) to get it work?

I think on that model, the WAN port is a separate CPU port, eth1. It doesn't go through the switch. So you would just use eth1.1 eth1.2 etc to tag packets out to that cable.

There is no need for any firewall in a dumb AP.

hmmm..I just checked the router, the indicator port in LUCI says LAN4 although it is actually connected thru WAN port. Nonetheless the interface represents WAN port should be eth1? what about the LAN port? is it eth0 or eth2? sorry for the stupid question. :slight_smile:

I attached the screenshot of my switch page: