How to set up VLAN on Fritz!Box 4020 WAN port

I tried to find info's for setting VLAN on my 4020 Box.

# ls -l /sys/class/net

gives 2 devices. eth0 and eth1.

When looking in LuCi I find the switch configuration. But unlike to my Archer C7 there are only 4 LAN ports listed, all pointing to eth1. So it's easy to configure VLAN-IDs for eth1.

But the WAN Port, which is indeed eth0 is missing.

In OpenWrt Wiki I found a hint that this has to be done OS-based.

In fact I can add VLANs by CLI.

 # ip link add link eth0 name eth0.1 type vlan id 1
 # ip link add link eth0 name eth0.3 type vlan id 3
 # ip link add link eth0 name eth0.4 type vlan id 4

When I got these 3 interfaces I think I should be able to bridge the WAN Port with the LAN ports.
eth0.1 to eth1.1
eth0.2 to eth1.2
eth0.3 to eth1.3

But how to define that data on VLAN ID 3 and 4 are tagged and data with VLAN ID are untagged on the WAN port? (Like in the switch configuration in LuCi)

And how to make this "reset safe"?


Nobody who knows about this?

Same issue observed by myself. I own a Fritzbox 4020. I can use the 4 physical LAN ports on the device to configure the switch and corresponding VLANs. Unfortunately I have not figured out yet how to use also the physical WAN port on the device.

Does anybody have a hint?

Many thanks in advance