How to set-up radius client on OpenWrt

I want to create a radius client on openwrt to connect to my radius server which is on mikrotik.
Please help me to set-up radius client on openwrt

For authenticating wifi users, hostapd (wpad) has RADIUS client built in. You need to switch to the full version of wpad not mini or basic though.

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can you tell me the steps ?

opkg update
opkg remove wpad-mini (or wpad-basic)
opkg install wpad

Then configure your AP as WPA Enterprise. Options are explained here:

my question is
how to connect to a radius server ?

it is for the radius server not for openwrt radius client

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I would join the question.

I want to authenticate my wireless clients using radius by mac address only, e.g. send mac as username.

Like dd-wrt Wireless → Wireless Security -> Radius (by specifying radius server and mac format)
Like routeros Security profile -> radius -> Mac Authentication.

Mac filter option support only static list.

May be i'm missing some package or setting?

i want radius authentication for SSH

Hi Alex,

Did you figure out how to authenticate wireless clients using radius by mac address, because I'm looking for such mechanism of authentication.

I have setup radius server and mikrotik. devices connected to openwrt router has to get authenticated using radius server using mac address. Please help me setting up radius in openwrt.

I am also stuck on this problem.

need help with this too...
Have hap AC ROSv7 with Userman as RADIUS Server and Mi AC2350 OpenWRT as RADIUS Client. Mikrotik always show error RADIUS not responding....