How to set up LEDE xDSL Router in bridge mode


I facing a mayor problem setting up my connection properly.
I have the following setup:
ISP - VGV7510KW22 / O2 Box 6431 -2.Router - all devices in my network

The o2 Box was flashed according to
With my current setup I do have double NAT and some Issues with Gateways.
Whats the correct way to set the LEDE O2 Box in a bridge mode? (all routing/ NAT etc. should be done by my "main" = 2.router, using the O2 Box as a modem).

Thanks in advance for any help!

I believe that chapter "9.8 Bridge mode for VDSL Connection - updated Dec’17" of LEDE Installation Guide for HH5A v1.62b.pdf on should be a decent proposal, even though i would expect some difference due to the different hardware.

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wow! Worked like charm!Some tweaks but overall very easy. I can't thank you enough!

Do not thank me, thank @bill888, who I believe to be the author of that great installation guide. Sidenote if you still remember the tweaks required to make it work on your O2 Box, maybe you could summarize them in this thread, sort of as a service to others wanting to do the same?

Of course. Here is a quick summary:

  • DSL settings differ (as the guide is describing a vdsl setup)- I made no changes here
  • switch options are 100% equal and I followed the guide here
  • VLAN tagging is different (since O2 here in Germany requires ID 7, it's "nas0.7" instead of "ptm0.101")
  • I used a different IP setting once I disabled the dhcp (personal preference)
  • PPoE on the O2 Box has to be disabled
  • PPoE has to be established on the 2.router

I did not tried to set up a lan connection to the o2box via the second router (see page 89 in the guide) but I guess that works as well.

Thanks again to both of you :slight_smile: @moeller0 @bill888

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Thanks for the instructions!

Not sure what the manual recommends, but I basically used an additional port of the switch with a different VLAN tag as input from the LAN side (I changed the modem's subnet to and added an new interface on the real router's wan interface using the same VLAN and hence can reach the modem easily through my router, but I digress)

Sidenote: I believe that openwrt trunk/master (and hence openwrt 18.5 as well) will use the interface name dsl0 instead of nas0 and ptm0 allowing to switch the link technology from adsl to vdsl and back without the need for reconfiguration...

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