How to set up internet with static ip?

My isp provides a static ip to get internet how can i set that up.?

If you're using LuCI, navigate to
Network > Interfaces > wan [click the edit button]

Then change the protocol to Static. From there, you'll enter the IP address, subnet mask, upstream router/gateway, and DNS fields.

If you don't have that information, you will not be able to complete setup, so contact your ISP before you start if anything is missing.

Also, keep in mind that some ISPs will issue you a "static ip" in the form of a never-changing DHCP lease (thus making it static for all practical purposes, but not requiring manual configuration). This is often easier for users to configure, and easier for the ISPs to manage. If your ISP is providing a static IP in this way, using the static protocol may not work properly.

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you were already suggested to start from here reading and learning how openwrt works. also i'd suggest to use the forum search function (or your favorite search engine) before opening a new thread as you may find your answers. if you still have specific question not yet answered after reading documentation and or searching please do not hesitate asking. someone will surely help.

have a good time using openwrt.

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