How to set repeater to use the same ip range of the main router?

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to set a repeater (Comfast CF-WR750AC) to use the same ip range as the main router (Archer C7 + LEDE Reboot SNAPSHOT r3969-8322dba029 / LuCI Master (git-17.103.24187-a82ca22), so devices connected to the repeater will stay on the same Network.

From what I understand I should disable the DHCP server on the repeater and set the repeater ip as one in the ip range of the main router, but when doing so I don't have access to the repeater anymore and I need to reset to factory default.

Please advice on how to set it up correctly so everything will stay on the same network.


Just connect the two devices wired via their LAN ports. Do not use WAN port on the repeater.

Advice e.g. in

No sure how configurable your Comcast repeater is...

I should have mention before the repeater connect via wifi not wired. I assume I can reserve an ip not in the ip range of the router DHCP server but still under the same frame, but I don't know how to do it in LEDE.

DHCP server range
Repeater static ip with DHCP server disable.

Can I achieve this somehow ?

The end goal is using the repeater wireless way and keep devices connected to it on the same LAN.