How to set a portable cascaded router for multiple upstream wire(d/less) router?

I bought a GL.iNet MT300N v2, flashed it with original openwrt 21.02.

I want to use it as a portable cascaded router, so that it can automatically connect to different WiFis (e.g. my home router, work router, my smartphone's hotspot etc.) or via an Ethernet cable while I can connect my laptop or ipad to its downstream wifi or LAN and use vpn, NAT and some other functionalities.

I read some articles about mwan3, but it seems that it only support wired slots. Although load balancing would be even better than I anticipated.

well, Is it possible anyway? if so, how should I set it?

Look for the "travelmate" package, it is exactly what you need.

Thanks a lot! it works just as I want!

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