How to run built ".bin" OpenWrt image in qemu?

Hi Friends!

After building OpenWrt for Mediatek Ralink MIPS MT7688, I got firmware update "bundle" in a form of a file with longish name ending like ...-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin

Particularly I use derivation from this repo but this supposedly is almost direct clone of official.

Now I wonder how can I load and run this with qemu emulator - I want to create "sanity test" for filesystem which is to be used before uploading firmware to real devices. Or perhaps some alternative hints on browsing the content of the resulting binary?

Thanks in advance!

You can't<fullstop>.
Qemu doesn't emulate a mt7688 platform, let alone your device.

This has been covered a few times before, so for the details search for qemu and virtio.

QEmu emulates mipselplatform, that is which I intended to use.

Thanks for hint, though I'm not sure I can immiediately find what you mean :frowning:

mipsel is just an ISA, not a target platform.

Thanks for explanation. I see google mentions some recipes on emulating mt7688 platform specifically so I'll investigate and come back if there is anything useful to share.

That doesn't help you either, your image wouldn't boot there either. Embedded platforms are everything but generic, your image boots on a single device - and only there.

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