How to rid-off dd-wrt and install LEDE on wr843ND?

hello,have device from tp-link wr843ND v4.27 installed LEDE,but mine curiuos and tried dd-wrt install,but now other question how to back to LEDE?device have default ip,need use tftp or possible somehow from ddwrt webpanel?

Revert to stock firmware using TFTP...

Rename the stock firmware file to WR843v4_tp_recovery.bin

Then flash with the appropriate squashfs-factory.bin LEDE firmware using the TP-Link web GUI.

You may need to rename the firmware file to a shorter name such as factory.bin

not lucky with tftp,atm stuck with wr843 in real v1 on bootom label.:face_with_raised_eyebrow: so stuck with dd-wrt till mine hardware will die?:grimacing::fearful:

Make sure you have Dropbear SSH server enabled on your DD-WRT Router.

1.) Download the stock firmware for your router from TP-Link
2.) Unzip it and rename to something shorter like tplinkstock.bin
3.) SCP it to the router’s /tmp directory 'scp tplinkstock.bin root@’
or Use a SCP program if you run Windows
4.) SSH in to the router and change dir to /tmp
5.) Strip the uboot off the firmware using the command 'dd if=tplinkstock.bin of=tplink.bin skip=257 bs=512’
6.) Write the stripped stock firmware using the command 'mtd -r write tplink.bin linux’
7.) Wait until router reboots, stock IP will be ‘’

hmm is not same if i take from here stripped firmware?:roll_eyes::smirk::thinking: ?

You can use that, though I prefer to get firmware from the official source. If you are going to use the router with stock firmware you should use the friedzombie version only long enough to use it to re-flash with firmware direct from TP-Link.

If you want to end up with OpenWrt you could use mj5030's process only use an OpenWrt release sysupgrade unmodified -- do not run dd on it. In other words skip step 5. Copy the OpenWrt file (again, the sysupgrade version not factory) to the router and flash it directly with mtd.

router success flashed from dd-wrt to stock,now thinking to stay with lede or try gargoyle :smile: