How to revert to stock firmware on my R7000?

Hi! Recently we bought a netgear R7000 and I installed openwrt successfully on it. But later i found that wifi does not work since it uses Broadcom chips :sob: (i'm newbie to openwrt)
So i want to revert to stock firmware.

I've tried the following:

  • mtd -r write xxxx.chk firmware but Image check failed.
  • tftp does not work too

Can anybody give me some hints?

by default on fresh installed openwrt,need turn-on wifi via web-ui,when connected router on wire :slight_smile:

While true, that won't help a lot with Broadcom BCM4360 wireless - which indeed is basically unsupported (yes, b43 has some very basic support for it, but not to an extent that would warrant even thinking about using it).

Please check Netgear's documentation about tftp recovery, which should (if available in that specific model) should always work. Putting an unmanaged switch between your r7000 and your tftp client might help hitting the correct timing.

I finally get the stock back using this nmrpflash :sunglasses:

Thank you all~

Yea OpenWrt does say Wi-Fi isn't supported on the R7000 page. That's why I switched to the WRT32X.

Try DD-WRT, the R7000 works great with it including Wi-Fi. Use betas from the latest date here:

Just chiming in here, but OpenWrt itself has so many features and capabilities. However, I would never recommend anyone come over to it for wifi. The Linksys WRT series routers have okay wifi, but many IOT devices refuse to connect on 2.5Ghz, so keep that in mind.
My recommendation is if you need the best wifi then get a wifi access point, and connect it to OpenWrt via a Ethernet port. That way one can have the best of both worlds.

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