How to return stock bootloader from Breed Web? - Mi Router 3G

Hello there. I used the video below to install the Padavan and I installed the Padavan with the Breed Web bootloader, but I would like to return to the Stock firmware because some features are not working (Torrent, Download manager, Usb problems). I want the firmware with the .bin extension to return to the stock firmware. I included bootloader in every way how I'll do return in the stock rom. In short, how to install the original bootloader and delete Breed Web? Thanks.

Notes: I can't access ssh because I can't boot with USB. Normally after the reset with sb to boot with usb access was provided, but now that process Breed Web is opened.

My used installation padavan video:

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Padavan and Breed are both not part of OpenWrt.

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That uboot is originally from pepe2k but a guy from China called hackpascal stole it.

that hackpascal also deleted some of telnet commands, and telnet option only gives his scripts but limited selection of commands. so noone can see the inside of it, unless detach memory chip and analyze it, you can get the USB analyzer for about $5 in China.

Unfortunately, you will have to open the damn case and UART in. to get that shit off the ground.

that uboot is also make your firmware hackable. one of the example. there is a export firmware menu from the uboot menu which is a joke, maybe not a joke for China. Anyone can get your firmware and binwak extract it.

You will see his firmware on many of routers from China, if you ever see it, then those are pretty much unreliable routers and ALWAYS have flaws from one of either hardware or software compatibility, because the board is not the board that the software installed, so referenced anything whichever looks work. meaning some functions are not working unless you fix it in the build source. the worst part is the resellers believe the model of the hardware they are selling is the correct model and do not have a clue anything else.

I also don't even understand why his stolen uboot is on openwrt wiki and even mention his nick name.
pepe2k also found out that he stole it but he was still claiming that he made it however do not open the inside.

Ask your router seller and make sure to check if the uboot is showing "BREED WEB"