How to Restore Netgear WGR614v10 via ssh

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My Netgear router was working without a problem, but I went to see the possibility of putting the OpenWrt firmware and saw an option to put this openwrt-15.05-brcm47xx-mips74k-netgear-wgr614-v10_north-america-squashfs.chk, but the router even Accepted but stayed in console mode with ports 22 and 53 open and I don't know how to restore to the original or put openwrt to work on it.


Try Netgear WGR614 TFTP Recovery

Could you send the step-by-step how to solve, restoring to the original firmwre or configuring it to use openwrt?



Google netgear tftp?

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I was unable to recover using the goolge, and got in touch with the netgear forum. They said::
"You'd want to go through the dd-wrt forum. This is the offical forum for netgear. Removing 3rd party firmware might have special steps to not brick your devices. So check on the dd-wrt forum for how to rever to stock firmware." . Then you could help me do the recove or configure it manually because I don't know the commands of the openwrt system.

Does any of the methods listed under "Netgear" solve your problem?