How to restart WIFI with command?

Currently restarting WIFI through WEB interface, how to restart WIFI with command?
/sbin/wifi reload This command seems to only reload the configuration without restarting the device

In addition, daemon.err hostapd: Configuration file: /var/run/hostapd-phy1.conf often appears in the system log, so how to locate this error?

root@OpenWrt:~# wifi -h
Usage: /sbin/wifi [config|up|down|reconf|reload|status]

I used this command before, but I used the reload parameter. Does this need to be executed in two steps? /sbin/wifi down then /sbin/wifi up

Not unless you want to take WiFi down for a period of time.

Do you mean to use the reload parameter, has the WIFI network card also restarted? Before, I used the WEB to operate the network card to restart. I think it will take a certain time to complete. /sbin/wifi reload I can hardly see any process using this command, so I don't know if the WIFI network card has been restarted.

Brings down all WiFi radios -

wifi down

Brings up all WiFi radios -

wifi up

For a specific radio...

wifi down radio0

wifi up radio1

That's it.

Try it, and see how it works.

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