How to reinstall original firmware Linksys WRT3200ACM

I need to go back to original firmware, anybody knows how to?

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I'd search on for your specific device, as there are many Linksys models.

have done, but can not find any info. Linksys WRT 3200ACM

Some info for you:

?? Dont understand!

You need to use the ssh console and enter commands manually from there.

is that the only way? Then im smoked

Why does that prevent you? Not that hard.

can you help me out, step by step?

im logged in and this is what its lookes like :slight_smile:


Doesn't look right. That looks like initial protocol handshake, but not the actual console session.

Use PuTTY or some other proper ssh terminal program.

Kinda hard to believe, considering the process is contained within the WRT AC Series wiki here and here...

How to flash back to OEM has always been contained within the WRT AC Series ToH...

Hi, I have the same router as you and I've reverted back to stock firmware plenty of times.
You'd have to SSH into your router, unfortunately, but I find this the easiest way.

  1. I use CMD for this: ssh root@ then use your password.
  2. cd /tmp
  3. wget
    I use the sysupgrade command to actually revert back. For some reason, this is the only command that works for me.
  4. sysupgrade -F cd/tmp/(name of the firmware).img

The -F forces the update.

This is covered in the WRT AC Series ToH wiki...

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It doesn't work actually. After successfully downloading the img file via wget and running sysupgrade command via putty I get message "File not found".

I see file is downloaded "ls" front of file I see "overlay" in blue.

You're probably just making a simple mistake, if the file is there, it's there. In any case I'm not sure why everyone in this thread was saying to use sysupgrade -F when the GUI has an ability to force the image flash. Maybe the GUI didn't have that feature at the time. No reason to use ssh as far as I know...

I have the same trouble and try to youse putty but everytime i write this line in putty i get the answer the fine cant be find . “Mtd-rwrite/tmp/firmware name “

Where did i put the file before putty can see it