How to redirect URL to internal-host:custom-port?

I have two vlans. I would like when a host ( on vlan01 in their browser goes to test.local they get redirected to a certain port on a host in vlan02 ( How is this achieved? I know with traffic rules I could achieve so when in vlan01 visits they will be able to reach whatever is running there, but how to fix the DNS on specific port?

I think I don't know the keywords which is why this is difficult for me, any help appreciated.

you can't, DNS doesn't work with ports.

Is there any other service that can do this? Otherwise I need to settle for https://test.local:4444

You can do it with a reverse proxy, such as nginx or HAProxy. However, I have no specific knowledge of using either so can't provide any details on the required configuration.

Thank you, I'll look into this.

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