How to read load average?

How to read this on main gui?

How to read this on realtime graphs?

are both displaying CPU usage?

0.18 = 18% cpu load?
0.89 = 89% cpu load?

That is not quite "CPU usage" but instead "system load". Roughly, the amount of processes/threads waiting for execution. (And you need to adjust for multicore CPUs if you have one)

Yeah, 0.18 = 18%, but it means that on average, there has been 1 process/thread waiting to be executed 18% of the time. Or if quite simultaneous bursts, it might have been 2 processes waiting 9% of the time...

It tries to give an approximation on the total busyness of the system.

Ps. LuCI stats has also a separate CPU usage stats available.


how to check cpu load?

Use top or htop from the command line


Install collectd-mod-cpu package to be able to see detailed CPU usage stats in LuCI stats.

Actually, that module has been among the default collection in luci-app-statistics since 2016. So, just make sure that you have the main "luci-app-statistics" installed.

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