How to port to a new router

I got a Vivint WRDB1200AC-V router and I want to port OpenWRT to it. It has a Mediatek MT7621AT, MT7602EN, and a MT7612EN. It has 128Mb of NAND flash (MX30LF1G08) and I'm not sure about the memory size but the chip is a Samsung K4B2G1646Q-BCK0. I already figured out how to get serial access and was able to get some firmware images working a little bit but I think they were looking for SPI flash so they just kernel panicked. SSH is enabled by default with root for the username and admin for the password. Here's pictures of the internals for anyone interested

Edit: I just realized there's an entire guide on how to start but I'm going to leave this up because I see no mention of this router at all

More internal photos:

Step 1: Get a boot log of the device's factory firmware over serial, and post it.

Step 2: Is there any sign of GPL'ed code? If no, stop. If yes, make a GPL source code request to the manufacturer. They are apparently at:

Step 3: Write a .dts file for the device based on their source code, and package up an image that can be flashed to it.

This is the bootlog
I went through the files and I see mentions of samba/smbd, busybox, dnsmasq, and UBoot which are all GPL licensed from what I can tell.
I also got a firmware update file but I had to use wireshark because it's not on their website so I'm not sure if I should upload it or not.
Just a sidenote, the Netgear R6220 initramfs firmware booted after I put a trx and bin header that was being required by the uboot that's on this router, but USB didn't work and as soon as I wrote a file to /overlay the firmware corrupted and wouldn't boot without reflashing

Line 403 of the pastebin says Linux, which is under GPL. The ODM is apparently Cybertan. I wish you luck with that github link.

The only contact at Vivint I can find is their live chat but I feel like that might not be a good place to start. Should I send something there or try contacting CyberTAN?

Like I said, I'd start with trying to contact Vivint via GitHub.

I can't find a way to contact them other than this one user that's in their people page