How to override package/libs/json-c

Hi all,

I am trying to use the latest json-c with 64 bit support(version tag: json-c-0.15-20200726). I defined a custom package with the same libjson-c as the package name. Now there is a problem that both the packages are getting built and installed. How can I ensure that the custom package is picked here? There are other packages also using libjson-c, so cannot change the name of the custom package.
Any help is appreciated.


You can't have two packages with the same name.

Easiest it probably to directly modify the old existing package definition in your local feed directory to be the new version. So that you only have the new package definition.

Thanks for the reply. The package is not in feeds, its located in package/libs/libjson-c. So Can i modify the Makefile here to point to the source I want to built from?

Yes. you can.