How to open a Linksys EA8500?

Hi all,

I've got my hands on an EA8500 and trying to open it up so I can attach the serial cable, but I'm having trouble getting into the thing.

I removed the 4 rubber feet and extracted the screws. I was able to pry the back center and see 3 clips but everything else is down pretty solid. I read on the openwrt page there are clips on the side and front but I can't seem to find them or trying the wrong place.

Does anyone else experience opening one of these things that can give me some advice?


you don't need to open it to flash openwrt onto it
pics in link

Why don't I need to open it, exactly?

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it is possible to downgrade to using the official linksys .img and the “Router Firmware Update → Manual Update” process. Flash a second time, reboot, verify has been installed, then you can update using the openwrt--factory.bin file

this is what i did to my last one
I think the EA7500 has better instructions

but use the EA8500 firmware

If it's a non-US router.

lucky I'm not in the US :slight_smile:

same with dd-wrt :frowning:

You can attempt to see if doing a revert to oder firmware on the help icon will yield version If the revert goes to anything newer than firmware you will not be able to gui flash dd-wrt onto the EA8500

I hope the pictures will help you then

I did, that's why I'm here asking how to open the thing.

look's like 4 screws
and grab an old plastic card like a credit card to split it apart

I've opened up three of these and flashed them with a usb to serial dongle. It is a bit tricky and can require more force than plastic pry triangle can give you.

Edit: You already have, but for posterity reading this without reading the entire thread, of course you need to remove the 4 screws under the bottom rubber bumper pads first. With care the adhesive film on the pads will survive, and if not, a thin coat of rubber cement solves putting the pads back on when done.

I recall starting on the sides, then working around to the front and back. Once you get a section opened up on the sides, it helps to have insert(s) to hold it open where you have succeeded and another pry tool that can push in a bit further as you continue to work your way around front or back, being careful not catch any wires inside (search for a picture of the board so you know where to be more careful for this). Something like a narrow dry wall spackeling compound knife (but don't shove the whole thing in) can come in handy. Once its in, try, gently as you can while still making progress, twisting it as you move around the perimeter to open the gap a little more and pop the clips working your way around.

As I write this, I regret it may not seem too helpful for you. Not much better than "keep trying just enough to not break it and you will eventually succeed" LOL....but, it can be done and so far I'm 3 for 3 on not trashing them. It's almost impossible to do this without marring the plastic a little bit: 2 of 3 I put a very small mark on the front center area - barely noticeable. One came out pristine except for the factory tamper seal sticker of course.

Good luck.

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