How to manually switch wifi driver on openwrt

Hey guys,
I have a firmware for MT300N box. It has been using mac80211 as the wifi driver. However, I found the wifi is really not stable and kept kick connected device offline. So I found there is kmod-mt7628 which is included in the official firmware package.
opkg files kmod-mt7628
Package kmod-mt7628 (4.14.63+4.0.2-4) is installed on root and has the following files:
So if I want to keep my firmware without using its imagebuilder, Is there a way to manually switched it? I have tried to pack these 3 files and copied into the my firmware. However, if I changed the type in /etc/config/wireless from mac80211 to mt7628, it tells me
(mt7628)Interface type not supported
It seems not just insmod the module itself. Is there any more step to make it using mt7628 driver rather than mac80211?


No, the vendor drivers are neither packaged or otherwise available for OpenWrt. Kernel modules have a very strict dependency on the running host kernel, you can't install kernel modules from some vendor kernel on OpenWrt and expect them to work (at best they will be silently skipped, otherwise they will crash hard) - for that you would need their source (and a lot of development efforts to integrate them, efforts that would be better spent on improving mt76).

Aside from the kernel module itself, OpenWrt has no support at all for configuring (mt7628.dat) or supporting (hostapd) this vendor driver.