How to make usb-net-cdc-ncm work?

I try to share network from blackberry passport to openwrt with usb,I installed all kmod-usb-net-** packages,then I pluged blackberry passport into router,I see some dmesg messages like :
** cdc-ncm **

Then I add new interface from luci ,but I didn't see new network device,now ,what should I do?

Can you show pictures or command line outputs?

I recompiled and flashed new firmware,then I can see new network device in luci,it work.
I don't know why, maybe it is a bug,I'm using a old and beta version. this time I only add kmod-usb-net-cdc-ncm this package,I saw two device --usb0 and usb1,I set DHCP with device usb1 and I got right IP.

Thanks very much!

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