How to make have some wireless clients LAN only?

Hi to all, I want to have some wireless clients (2 Tapo cameras via motioneye ) only local LAN, not permited to see internet. What is the best way and how?

don't provide them with a gateway IP and DNSes.

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or add a firewall rule to deny forwarding from lan to wan.

I guess I have to setup a dedicated wireless for the cameras. Any how via cli?
These ceras don't have to setup gateway and DNS, it's setting up automatically via it's Android app, then I will shut down the internet connection after everything is up

not necessary

Add a rule to deny forwarding for the MAC addresses of the cameras, to cover both ipv4 and ipv6.

I will as soon as I get home, but where to look for this option?

In the firewall, traffic rules.

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What to look for?
I set up like that but I think is not correct

This is correct. You might change protocol to "any".

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How can I check confirm that the cameras don't have internet access;

Depends on how the cameras interact with the internet. You could add a computer to the list of IPs that in that rule (just temporarily for testing) and then you'll be able to verify the rule works as expected.

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Or sniff the traffic, using tcpdump.

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