How to make client mode in router? and keep alive internet

I need to find cause why any of devices cant connect to bugged LEDE

Well, first of all it doesn't make much sense to have the modest TL-740n as the router while use WRT1200AC as access point.

Then comes the question why are using an outdated version of the software 17.01.04, while recent release is 18.02 and in fact there are snapshots of future 19.07 now.

As for your question, you didn't provide more information about how you are trying to connect the two routers together, or what exactly happens when you try to connect the laptop to WRT1200AC.

If you connect connecting theme LAN to LAN, then it should work straight away, with no configuration required except that you are likely to want to disable DHCP on the WRT1200AC. If you are connecting LAN to WAN then you keep the DHCP on WRT1200AC, and you also make it's WAN port a DHCP client (or static) of TL-740N.

If you are connecting them wirelessly then you need to provide more info about what you did, as this can be a bit more complicated.

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Since 18.x was bugged and couldnt handle wifi 2,4 as customer and 5 as seller

it says limited access ? in polish its "Ograniczony dostęp" and gives wrong/random ip pool

Thing is no detectable in any way even if they are physically connected (actually LAN TO LAN) , three im trying to solve that thing remotley since im far away from those routers

  1. Sun Jun 16 03:20:32 2019 kernel: [315379.926070] wlan0: authentication with c2:56:27:6c:8f:38 timed out

  2. Sun Jun 16 03:21:16 2019 kernel: [315423.139423] wlan0-1: authenticate with c2:56:27:6c:8f:38

  3. Sun Jun 16 03:21:16 2019 kernel: [315423.155599] wlan0-1: send auth to c2:56:27:6c:8f:38 (try 1/3)

  4. Sun Jun 16 03:21:16 2019 kernel: [315423.169720] wlan0-1: authenticated

from that spam log you can see it works for some time and some communication exists

RX: 8.61 KB (44 Pktw.)
TX: 6.23 KB (57 Pktw.)

Sun Jun 16 20:38:02 2019 daemon.warn dnsmasq-dhcp[1755]: DHCP packet received on wlan0 which has no address

ps. updated pic

I am not aware of such bug, but then again I never had such device. Though if I were you I would try to get the proble. solved instead of going around by using an older software.

Did you try turning DHCP off?

@mike has the same device, maybe you can tell him what was your problem with 18.06 exactly.

I seem to remember someone mentioning that there were wifi problems for mvebu devices in the latest snapshots, but I can't find it anywhere now so I may be remembering wrong. I'm on 18.06.2 on my wrt1200 and haven't had any problems with wifi. Other than that I can't really add anything to what @Hegabo has said, meaning the 1200 would be better used as the router and it might help to know how you're connecting the two devices.

edit - I'm sure you've already looked this over, but just in case here's the instructions for bridged ap which seems to be how you're connecting.