How to make a full backup of my R8000 ? [NAND]


I would like to make a full backup of my OpenWRT that includes settings, installed software etc..
The default backup only backs up my settings, but not installed software, modified files etc..
Basically, I want to create an Image of my OpenWRT.
I've seen guides on how to do this, but my router is "NAND Flash" and I can't find a guide for it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:


Best strategy is to just keep a list of what you manually installed from opkg and use the config backup you already have. You can google how to use opkg to do this or just read its help (I think it's pretty easy from memory).

I could do that yeah and use the " Flash operations/Configuration" but that requires me to add all files/folder that I use.
Seems like a lot of work, if you use a lot of installed packages with different configurations.

Others may have a better answer for you/that is how I would do it.

As an aside, why not make your own image that includes the packages you have installed? This way, you just assemble or compile is and you're ready-to-go from the package prespective.

Well, like I said There's not a guide for NAND Flash routers to make an image backup.
I suppose I can just include "/etc/" in Flash operations/Configuration since my configurations are stored there.
Still would like to make an image of the entire installation though.

use imagebuilder with packages and files directive and place all your configuration files and/or custom files/directories in files/. this way u'll generate an image with all your packages, configuration and all your custom "stuff". :slight_smile:

make image PROFILE=XXX PACKAGES="pkg1 pkg2 pkg3 -pkg4 -pkg5 -pkg6" FILES=files/

i use an rsync script to sync all my custom files/config to my imagebulder files/ directory