How to limit bandwidth for everyone, excluding two devices based on MacAddr

Hello everyone!
How to:
1- limit wan bandwidth to any device by default, so the download speed should not bypass i.e: 100kb/s for each device.
2- unlimit bandwidth for two devices based on MacAddress, not based on IP address.
I prefer to configure it by using Luci web interface, not Terminal, if possible.

Bind the MAC addresses to IP with static leases.

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but luci-app-nft-qos requires ip & mac(optional) to limit the speed, that means i have to enter ip address manually,
to be clear, i want to limit bandwidth generally with all users(guests) or everyone, except two(my two devices).
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is it just much easier if you just create a new network for this 2 devices and have them access to uncapped internet access.

I only do cap my internet connection on my Guest SSID and also my insecure IOT as well (cams and alexas) while my main network is basically uncapped bandwidth.


yeah, your solution is easier, but i hope to find solution without creating two SSID.
thank you

looks like there are no real solutions to limit bandwidth per mac by using luci web interface, so i have to deal with terminal solutions, anyone can help? :slightly_smiling_face: