How to know the amount of data used

how to know how much data i have used since system booted

you can check under luci / network / interfaces, or use cli tool like ethtool -S for example.

...or a bit fancier (luci-app-)nlbwmon.
Look under system-software

ifconfig from cli

Install the vnstat package. It tracks this and will give you pretty graphs in Luci on the Status menu

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can you show how it looks...??
this is how i see
Screenshot from 2023-03-16 23-50-54

here is output from luci vmstat2 .
One thing is missing thou . There is no automatic backup (save to flash) but can be arranged

Anyone know the differences between vnstat and vnstat2?

vnstat2 is the package included in OpenWRT. I was referring to vnstat2, just dropped the 2

They're both included. vnstat has a doc page in the wiki, but vnstat2 does not. I'm wondering why there are two of them and what the differences are.

$ opkg list | grep app-vnstat
luci-app-vnstat - git-20.108.38431-8f34e10 - LuCI Support for VnStat
luci-app-vnstat2 - git-21.223.26753-57f325a - LuCI Support for vnStat 2

Some hints:

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luci-app-nlbwmon what about this one ?

Tracks traffic over time - typically your ISP billing period. Has a runtime cli interface to pull stats from current and past stats (if enabled). See:

Isp billing is not important as i have unlimited brandwidth

You asked the question.

If all you want to know is total traffic from boot time, just:

  • uptime
  • ifconfig wan

There’s your answer.

this is IP connection tracking counter . Good on router or with real IP interface . Won't work for DSL modem interface like I have . Also possibly will have similar issue with hardware accelerated routes