How to install stock firmware for TP-Link TL-MR6400(EU) V5.20

Hi guys
I installed openwrt on my router, ie tplink tl-mr6400 v5.2 a few days ago.
For several reasons I want to install my stock router firmware, I downloaded my router firmware from this link:

as you see there are two firmware versions
I first flashed the old version (TL-MR6400 (EU) _V5.2_210115)
But after flashing my router, all the LEDs start blinking

Then I tried the latest version (TL-MR6400 (EU) _V5.2_210803)
But flashing the file is stucked as you see in this picture

i think the reson is for firmware file size. because file size is larger than router flash memory becuase my file is 64.2mb and router flash memory size is 64mb

please somebody help me thanks

hello again
dose anybody want to help me

help yourself