How to install QCA 802.11ad driver on Openwrt


Good day.

I am wondering to install 802.11ad driver on Openwrt. I see here the driver

And here is the details

Could someone please help me in this issue? I will be grateful.



You will have to add the according sub-packages to the mac80211 packaging (the easier approach of statically compiling in a wireless driver often doesn't work), it's available in its source but not packaged up. Once you have the kernel modules, you probably have to investigate (and integrate into the build/ firstboot processes) how to enable it (board files, calibration data, MAC addresses, etc.).

Hi, Thanks.

I have very little knowledge about this task. If you please explain a little bit more with step by step i would be greatful.

Thanks again.


You need lots of knowledge for that. There is no simple step by step manual.

Thanks. Let me try.

Could you please tell me, what i need to do at first?