How to install packages from github whiche are not in ipk/opkg format

I am very newbie in building openwrt images,

But I want to install some packages from here :arrow_heading_down:

but there is no ipk file :zipper_mouth_face:
i've tried image builder, and added the git link to the repository which didn't work
I searched everywhere and didn't find any easy guide to do this.
and i've no idea how to do it or where should i even begin :sweat:
i've mi router 4a gigabit edition

A beginner friendly guide would help me a lot :grin:

You need to use the full toolchain to compile the package from source.

("Imagebuilder" is meant just for cooking up a firmware image from already compiled packages.)


in which step i will add the git link :neutral_face:

it is probably the last of your headaches down the DIY road ....

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You could do a "manual approach", here's an Overview of the steps:

  • git clone the other package repo somewhere
  • copy the subfolder with the package you want to openwrt source tree feeds/packages/net/WhatEver/
  • update & install the package feeds
  • make menuconfig
  • Luci -> Applications -> FindTheNameOfYourApp

the finished firmware sysupgrade image bin will contain your application.

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