How to install opkg and wget on openWRT?

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I am trying to install some package on my devices, but I cannot find opkg or wget in the system. How do I install those two?

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In official OpenWrt, opkg and wget are included in default firmware images from the official site at What make/model of device and OpenWrt version are you running?

To provide that information please paste the output of:

ubus call system board

Thanks lleachii!
My device model is v851s-sc1725v_emmc, ipkg-sunxi

In order to assist you, please provide the full output of: ubus call system board

I did that command, but it says failed to access bus

This device is not supported by the official OpenWrt project.

If ubus isn't present on your device, it is because the vendor has highly customized the firmware and it likely very heavily modified relative to the official OpenWrt firmware. Therefore, even if you could reach the OpenWrt repos, it likely wouldn't actually be possible install anything due to those differences.

You'll need to reach out to the vendor of your router for support.

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…or port (the real) OpenWrt to your device, which should be reasonably easy with a sunxi based SBC (relatively good mainline support, thanks to linux-sunxi, so image generation and DTS are probably almost everything necessary).