How to install OpenWrt on Mi Router 3G?

Hi guys,

I have huge problems with the Xiaomi Mi 3G Router. According to various sources it should work "out of the box". I used this guide: and the firmware listed here:
But this firmware always results in a boot hangup and therefor a softbrick.

[    4.624339] [<80549cc4>] 0x80549cc4
[    4.627807] [<80549248>] 0x80549248
[    4.631274] [<80476c4c>] 0x80476c4c
[    4.634744] [<80476c5c>] 0x80476c5c
[    4.638213] [<80476c4c>] 0x80476c4c
[    4.641680] [<8000afd8>] 0x8000afd8
[    4.645154]
[    4.646757] ubi0 error: 0x802e7530: failed to erase PEB 939, error -5
[    4.653192] ubi0: mark PEB 939 as bad

I can provide a full bootlog if someone describes how to log it into a file :slight_smile: screen -L does nothing when used with a serial connection.

Thanks for the help! Keep going the good work :slight_smile:

A block in flash failed testing:

Yep I guessed so, but it marked it as bad so it knows it cant use this block. What can I do to further investigate?

There is also a ticket opened in the bugtracker, but nothing happened so far.