How to install OpenWrt on ASUS RT-N12 VP B1?

Hello everyone! I'm novice in openWRT. I'm download latest version of openWRT for my device, and try to load it by TFTP, but my ASUS RT-N12 VP B1 starts cyclically rebooted after all. I don't know what to do.

After all what?

Was the correct n12 image used, there are several versions of the device.

After loading firmware to router It's rebooting on and on. Yes, image was correct.

Which image did you use? (exact filename is useful here)

This one: openwrt-21.02.2-ramips-mt76x8-asus_rt-n12-vp-b1-initramfs-kernel.bin
I found it by firmware selector.

Version: 21.02.2

The initramfs is designed for the initial install, but it isn't for normal use -- you'll need to then use the sysupgrade image immediately after that.

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Therefore I should load sysupgrade through TFTP immediately after loading kernel firmware?

Usually, the process is to use TFTP to install the initramfs (kernel)... and then it should boot into OpenWrt (in a RAM disk) -- that is when you use the sysupgrade image to finish the installation process.

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I know it, but when I flash the initramfs my router not working correctly, in fact I can't connect to it.

How are you trying to connect to it?

Through the LAN1 port

Through the lan1 port and then what? ssh? web?

Does your computer get an IP address?

Chrome browser. There is static IP on my PC:, router IP:

I think you need to use ssh. The initramfs image does not include the LuCI web interface.

Try an ssh session (login root, password is blank).

Tryed this now: ssh root@ answer: connection refused

Does your computer have any other network connections? It is critical that you turn off wifi and disconnect any other ethernet connections.

I turned off wi-fi and take this: no route to host. For information: LAN indicator does not glow, and after some time (around 1 minute) the power indicator goes out, but another indicators flashed once for 1 sec.

This suggests that your computer was trying to connect to a different router (not the one you wanted to connect to).

You should have exactly one network connection -- your N12VPB1 should be connected by the LAN port directly to your computer.
Boot the router into the TFTP recovery mode, send the initramfs file, then let it reboot into openwrt. Then check to see if you get an IP address via DHCP (or use a static IP on your computer). You should be able to ssh into openwrt from there.