How to install OpenWrt instead of DD-WRT on a ARCHER C7 AC1750 V2

How to replace the beta version of DD-WRT that I installed on my TP-LINK ARCHER C7 AC1750 V2?
I cannot use tfpd32 to connect my PC to the router.
I can access the DD-WRT web interface which is installed on the router.

Thank you in advance for your help.

You first revert to the stock OEM firmware from TP-Link (DD-WRT should have documentation about how to accomplish that), once your router is back in a vanilla OEM state, you can install OpenWrt as documented here.



I managed to reinstall the original firmware on my TP-LINK ARCHER C7 by adapting this tutorial ( to my configuration.
I downloaded the OpenWrt firmware from bin that I renamed to factory.bin.
At the time of the update the router displays ERROR CODE 18005, what is happening?


My guess is that you installed a newer version of the stock firmware with an open source firmware unfriendly signature check. dd-wrt gets around that better than OpenWrt in my experience. I know this sounds crazy, but try installing dd-wrt again, then revert from dd-wrt back to an older version of the stock OEM firmware. Look for a link on the "revert to stock" sticky thread on the dd-wrt web-site for one that is old enough.

Another possibility is to check that you are using firmware specific to the region of the TP-Link hardware/firmware, e.g. "C7 V2 (US)" and "C7 V2" may be the same hardware, but the stock firmware is slightly different and requires slightly different open source factory replacement firmware binaries.

These are the two things that tripped me up when I had Archer C7's.

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Hello there. You might got the US version. Find the barcode, there should be a indication on which country version you’ve got. All of the following instructions are based on the US version. I’ve got it working on my archer c7 V2 (US) just today with this:

You need to install the newest TP link firmware 180114, change the name of the openwrt firmware to firmware.bin and install openwrt using the “update firmware” section in the tplink web interface.

Good luck on installing.