How to Install node-npm in OpenWrt

Hello all, I am trying to install node-npm in my openwrt, I search on web and I found that node-npm package is available, however I am trying to install it using opkg, it showing me no package found, can anyone guide me how to install node-npm in openwrt?? This is really help me.

I used below commands,
opkg update
opkg install node-npm

Version: OpenWrt Chaos Calmer 15.05.1


I guess you need to upgrade the firmware.

Can I install node-npm manually??? There should be way to install packege manually, for one or two packege i need to upgrade whole system thats not make sense.

Do you want to compile it and its dependencies from the source?

YES, That's also a good solution. Please provide link and steps if you have, that would be a great for me.

OpenWrt 15.05 is not supported anymore.
So you are on your own, if you want to port some additional software there.
Most likely the result is not even worth the effort.
If you are determined to proceed, the first thing to do is to study the documentation.

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Before you charge headlong into the project, does your device have sufficient flash and RAM to support Node.js in any meaningful way?

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Yes I have 512 mb RAM

What's that?

512 milli bit?

512 Mega bit?

512 Mega Byte?

Sorry for being picky here, but using the wrong units can lead to severe misunderstandings.

It is 512 Mega bytes.