How to install Entware/Optware on mips based router

I have Sagem F@ST2704V2 router with OpenWrt 19.07.3 installed on it. Works fine, but I want to install Optware/Entware in it. Googled a lot but can not find installer dedicated to my processor and kernel version. My kernel version is 4.14.180 and processor MIPS 32. 8/64 Flash/RAM + 16 GB SD card in USB port, mounted to /opt dir.
Can anybody help me to show the link to download/install Optware/Entware suitable for such environment?

By default OpenWrt has the opkg package system fully integrated and a large collection of packages available pre-built. Are you looking for a package that exists in Entware but not OpenWrt?


Yes. Generally OpenWRT is based on busybox. And there, not all commands are implemented. And those that are, most often do not have all the options available in other systems. Even a simple "ps" command.
My goal is to replace the Raspberry Pi with a router. The router uses a script to poll 8 to 12 measuring devices every 2 minutes. Each of them transmits several hundred bytes. Then the router formats the batch file. This is bit complicated shell operation proceeded in /dev/shm to save SD card lifespan. Then batch file is transmited via LTE to the central server. Hence, the router's throughput is not important to me, but an extensive list of commands.

There are full versions of the shell commands to replace busybox, for example procps-ng and coreutils-*


Yes I know. But the routers I have are equipped in 8 MB of flash. Actually flash is occupied near 50%. So I want to safe rest of Flash for potential future purposes and place all additional commands place to /opt. That is on SD card.

Be aware that busybox is a crucial component of the OpenWrt system, without it and the feature set set expected by OpenWrt, the system may neither boot nor successfully sysupgrade. Changing busybox configuration options (at build time) is possible, but needs to be evaluated carefully and with a safe (bootloader based) recovery mechanism in place. It would be safer to use either the already packaged full GNU equivalents of the affected busybox applets or to install a secondary busybox binary elsewhere (outside the global path, not replacing the system busybox).

I still see no reason to use entware for this purpose, after all source and packaging for OpenWrt's busybox flavour are available, just copy- and adapt it to your needs (using a different prefix or binary name).


Yes, I know about it. And because of that I dont want to touch nothing in original distro, except necessary configuration files, for example LTE dongle related needs.
So I want to place all non opiginal binaries in separated location, outside original FW. Whats why I need Optware/Entware.


  • opkg.conf supports 'dest' locations...

check the wiki for the tmp install example/s. ( or cheat and chroot )

( apart from the odd scarce package i.e. tvheadend etc.... there is really not much need to use entware-ng on a native opkg system. )

I know how to install Entware. I use it in my home Asus router at least 4 years and in QNAP NAS. My problem is - as i wrote in first post - can not find ready package dedicated for my another device. That is kernel version is 4.14.180 and processor MIPS 32 (not MIPSel).